Friday, January 13, 2012

New Tank Monitors

Billy's project is I thought I would post a few photos of the "journey" so far.
This is a photo of our current command center, you can see in the left hand corner the systems monitor.  That section is what we need to replace.  Billy has removed the board from its panel and also removed the tank heater and water pump switches from the panel in preparation for the next step.
Using a rotary tool with a cutting blade, Billy cut out the old system monitoring section....using the new monitor as a template.
This is the new tank monitoring center which will be fastened by small screws to the existing command center board.  As you can see, the existing water pump switch will be relocated to this new board as well.

This is a photo of the sensor that will be attached to the outside of each holding tank.  The system we are using is made by Garnet Technologies and you can read all about them here.  I'm afraid that is as far as Billy has gotten.  We have been scratching our heads a bit trying to figure out what goes where in the existing wiring harness...not an easy task as Forest River considers this to be a "state" secret!  We have had very little luck finding any info anywhere.  He thinks he has it figured I'll be back with more info next time.....

We did head over to the RV show here in Tampa yesterday.  Always fun to see the latest and greatest in the RV industry.  I guess a lot of folks had that same plan, cause the crowds were huge.  We enjoyed it, but came home still feeling happy and content with what we currently call home!

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