Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tank Monitors

The before and after of our Command Center.  I do plan on making a new label to replace the lovely duck tape model my hubby installed.  You see the new tank monitor panel included a switch for our water pump.  So, Billy removed the original water pump switch and then moved the tank heater switch to the water pump's original position.  That gave us the room we needed to mount the new panel onto the Command Center board.  Another issue with the old board were the light up switches....the lights no longer worked.  To solve this, Billy added tiny little LED lights below the switches.  Now, for the really awesome part...the new tank monitors actually WORK AND THEY ARE AWESOME!  The information is given in a percentage from 0 to 100!  Next post I'll hopefully have some photos of the actual tank sensors attached to the tank. 


  1. We gave up on our monitors and have done really good at figuring how long we can go before we have to dump. But I've heard good things about the sensors placed on the outside of the tanks.

  2. If the lights in the switches worked before the conversion then they should still work. What you must look at is the grounding of the switch to create the return for the light. Take a quick peak, it will keep it neat and tidy looking.

    It's about time.

  3. I feel so inadequate after reading your entries! I have trouble changing the filters on the AC unit!

    Joe and Sherri


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