Friday, January 27, 2012

Tank Monitors part 2 is a photo of the actual tank monitor circuit board on our black tank.  It has a self adhesive back, so once you are sure about the placement, you just peel and stick.  Billy used duck tape for a temporary fix.  That way he could check to make sure his placement was correct before permanently adhering it to the tank.  
We are still here in Florida at my Uncle's marina.  The weather here this winter has just been fabulous.  We had planned on heading over to Texas for a bit, but I think we have nixed those plans.  We are taking advantage of the nice weather to get some things done to the fiver that we had been putting off.  Our next project is replacing some of our lighting fixtures with LED.

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  1. After seeing the terrible storms in TX this week I think you're smart to stay where you are this winter.


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