Friday, June 29, 2012

Lake Fort Smith

We absolutely loved Lake Fort Smith!  Talk about an "it" factor, "it" has it!  Our site was spacious and private.  We were able to set up our satellite tv, but our verizon card was marginal, although the external antenna did help.  Take a gander at the photos below and YES we will come back here.
How bout a walk in the woods
We are currently in Strafford Mo (just a few miles east of Springfield) in very tight little rv park.  It is called Paradise in the Woods and it is ANYTHING BUT!  Unfortunately not much else to choose from in the area.  We will be heading out in the morning (Saturday) to Edwardsville Il to hopefully what looks to be a much nicer rv park! 


  1. So glad you enjoyed your stay at Lake Fort Smith State Park. It really is a very nice park. We absolutely enjoyed our trip up there for New Years.

    We hope to make a trip to Branson, MO in July. I need to start researching parks now! I just wish I could find one like Lake Fort Smith. But, not sure that I will be able to find one.

    Come back to Fort Smith soon!!!

  2. You are so right...IT has an "IT" factor. Your site is gorgeous.

  3. After lake fort smith "the standards are high and not many make it. From the pic's I'd love to try a stay there 'hope the next set up ant so cramped. Thanks for the review! !

  4. That looks like a great campground. How was the weather when you were there? Hot??


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