Saturday, June 16, 2012

OOPS...there it is.....

We arrived in Longview yesterday and we are staying at a very nice (and new) rv park known as Fernbrook.  We only had one little mishap.  Upon entering the park, Billy pulled as far over to the side of the road as he could so that other traffic could easily get around us.  This park did not have a designated "check in" area.  They need one!  Once we were all checked in I motioned for Billy to come my way....making a left turn.  For one brief moment, I remembered thinking he was very close to the fence along the side yard....if only!  Yes, in a matter of seconds the rear end of our rig swung out and caught the edge of.......not the fence......but a sign post.  A sign post that was inches away from the edge of the road.  The sign post was a little scratched, but our poor rig has not only scratches, but a nice "pothole" in the fiberglass.  All fixable, but costly.  The park manager came running over, told us not to worry about the sign.  "Why, just last week a motohome had done the same exact thing!"  Well, Duh!  Ever think to move the ding, dang sign!
We will be here in Longview for about 10 days, visiting family.  I sure hope we can make it back to Lafayette without any more "Oops, there it is" issues.  I will get some photos of the park and our "pothole" for the next post. 


  1. I wonder if there is an RVer in existence who hasn't done something like that. I had two scrapes in two years - one sorta minor and one very big and expensive to fix. I'm sorry to hear it happened and I'm sure Billy feels terrible. Just remember, last week a motorhome did the same thing! Before you leave you should ask the park manager to move the sign.

  2. Is that Longview Texas? Lafayette Louisiana? We stayed at Fernwood but missed the pot hole. Stay safe

  3. I haven't oopsed" yet but have a great fear Of it " sorry "to hear of the pot hole but hope your stays the best.


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