Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tomorrow (Monday) we will be making our way to Fort Smith Arkansas.  I found what I hope is a nice little state park for us to spend a few days.  They have full hook ups and can accommodate bigger rigs.  I made an online reservation.  Not something we normally like to do, but felt like with this being "vacation" season it might be prudent. 

The heat has certainly been oppressive of late.  Every day we jump quickly into the 90's.  Today is no different, 96 outside and 80 inside and it is barely 11am.  We only have one AC unit, a decision we are both starting to regret.  We keep all the window blinds down and I even put up some foam pieces in the windows for some extra insulation.  Starting to look like ma and pa kettles' place down on the farm.  It is also like living in a cave.  I do miss being able to let the sunshine in, but I just don't dare do it now.  The good news is we were smart enough to have the bedroom wired and ready for AC, so it will be a simple process to "drop" one in.  Something I think we will be doing in the "not so distant" future.  The bad news, we plan on spending most of the summer at a park in Lafayette Indiana with only 30amp.  Even if we have two AC units, we will only be able to run one at a time.  I grew up in Lafayette and spent most of my adult life there as well.  It definitely gets hot and humid, but not usually for prolonged periods.  It seemed Canada always managed to send us a blast of cool air every few days which lowered the temps and the humidity.  So, come on Canada and let the cool breezes blow!


  1. It's been in the 80s and 90s here for the past few days although the high over the next couple of days will barely make 70F.

  2. I hope you guys don't get washed away by TS Debbie. At least she will lower the temps.

  3. Lake Fort Smith State Park is a beautiful park. It is about an hour north of Fort Smith. We stayed there New Years Eve and really enjoyed the park. The park is also about an hour from Fayetteville.

    There is also a COE park in Barling on the Arkansas River that is also nice. A lot more wooded that Lake Fort Smith. Springhill Park is about 10 miles from downtown Fort Smith, and Walmart is about 5 minutes from the park.

    I hope you enjoy the area. It's home for us. It will be definitely be hot.

    1. Hey, thanks for the info on the park and area!

  4. I love it when that cool Canada air sweeps down through the U.S.


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