Monday, August 13, 2012

Bench Project

I had really hoped we would be further along on our lovely bench project...but ya know how that goes......

Here are a couple of pics of the progress
Here ya see we have our basic box...kinda looks like a coffin!  Yes, it will get some cross bracing in the middle to support the lid.
And here is the little gizmo that allowed us to make all the nifty joint connections quickly and easily.  It allows you to pre-drill and sink your screw holes at just the right angle and depth.  Today we will start applying the bead board.
We do have some travel plans in the works as well.  Going to be heading back to MorRyde to have a new "spindle" put on the axle that had the tire almost fall off.  We had the old spindled repaired, but Bill decided to replace it.  Safety is our big motivator on that one.  Next it will be up to Elkhart to have a few odds and ends taken care of and installing a second AC!  Enough of the HOT weather already!!  Finally we will head over to Starved Rock State Park in IL.  Love that area and will be visiting some new friends!  This adventure starts the end of August and the bench will be installed and ready to roll down the road with us.....I hope!


  1. Will you be visiting the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart? I hear it's a fun museum, and I'd like to go there some day.

    1. Hey Jill...thanks for stopping by! No, we will not be visiting the museum. We have already "been there, done that", but I do highly recommend you see it. It is great fun to see all the different RVs and how they have changed over the years!


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