Friday, August 31, 2012

Repairs in Elkhart

We made it to Elkhart to the Morryde facility last Tuesday.  Come 7am Wednesday morning, hubby was backing in our big rig into one of the service bays to have our spindle replaced.  Our spindle was damaged when we had the wheel bearing failure on our trip to Kansas a couple of months ago.  No one seemed to know why the bearings failed, but since Morryde didn't supply the bearings, they took no responsibility for their failure.  They did however, cover those parts that were effected by the bearing failure.  We only had to pay for the labor to put the replacement parts in place.  Better than nothing.....end the end our total cost for the initial repair in Illinois and the replacement of damaged parts here in Elkhart came to around $800 dollars.  We left Morryde around 3pm Wednesday and headed over to another Elkhart Service center who also happens to have a small camping area with full hookups next door.  We were not having any work done here, we just needed a couple of nights before heading over to Recreational Specialties.  Nothing to write home about here, but ok for a couple of nights at $25 dollars a night.  The spot they gave us was a bit of a challenge.
Where you see the red circle is the remains of an old concrete lamp post base.  We needed to pull in between that and the hookups on the other side and manage to keep room for our slides.  Not easily done! 
This is a photo of our water source.  Billy had to get out the ax and remove a small tree that had grown up around it.  Maybe we should send them a bill for tree removal?
This is the lovely view of the barb wire in front of the site.....guess they don't want anyone messing around over there!  Today (Friday) we head over to Recreational Specialties, where Ron Green (the owner) has graciously offered to let us park over the labor day weekend.  Come Tuesday they will begin work on our fifth wheel.  We have a list of items and I'll share more about that once the work begins.  Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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