Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurray! The Bench is Done!

We brought the bench home last night and slide it into it!  Here are some photos.....
It fits perfectly in it's little nook.....don't mind the blue tape, that is just giving the corners a little support while the glue dries.
Here is a view from the top.....nice piano hinge across the back for easy access
Here is the inside.  As you can see, I've already put some of our construction stuff in there for another project we will be starting soon.  Eventually though, this will house some of our larger kitchen appliances.
Yep!  We are very proud of our bench.  I'll be making a nice cushion for the top and adding a few more pillows to make it a comfy place to lounge.  Something tells me it will become a favorite hang out for our furballs.  Hubby and I have never attempted to make anything like this before and although we butted heads a few times on design and "how tos", we think it turned out fantastic!
One last pic before I end this post.......
This is the new advertisement wrap my son had put on his truck.  Pretty neat!  Yep, Mom had a hand in the design and I think it is pretty darn nifty.  That handsome guy you see there is my "baby boy".   So proud of him....starting a new business from scratch...all on his own....and doing well!  LOVE THAT!  LOVE HIM!  LIFE IS GOODE!


  1. The bench is beautiful. And it fits so perfectly in its spot. Congrats to your son. Running your own business is hard work. Best wishes for his goode luck.

  2. You did a great job! I want a bench like that in my office someday, where I could store my outdoor patio accessories.


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