Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Kinda Place....

Another weekend has come and gone....where oh where does the time go.  It rained most of the day here yesterday....a nice gentle, make ya wanna stay in bed all day kinda rain.  Everything smells so clean and fresh this am! 
Last night I went to another dinner/dance here at the park.  The band was called "six feet up" and they were an interesting mix.  They had trombone, sax, and flute....add a little electronic "back up" section and it made for a pretty nice "big band" sound.  They played 40's, 50's, and 60's.  I went with some of our neighbors here at the park, Bill decided he would pass on this one.  Too bad cause I think he really would have enjoyed them.
The weather here has been excellent....with the exception of the rain yesterday...we have had plenty of sun and warm temps. 
I think this has got to be the most "social" park I have ever stayed in.  Through out the day folks are out playing games or tennis or shooting pool or in the pool.  There is a multitude of activities to be involved in and come 3pm or so you can find folks gathered about....raising a class....and enjoying each others company......definitely my kinda place!


  1. I love 40's and 50's music for dancing. I don't think I ever stayed at a park that had a lot of activities going on. Glad you enjoy them.

  2. Great fun...sure makes the time fly! Glad your enjoying your stay there.


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