Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Ok...so I'm officially cold now!  My beloved flip flops have been traded in for the dreaded "socks and shoes" and I've dug out all my turtle necks and sweatshirts!  Temps are dipping into the 30's this week at night and they even mentioned the possibility of snow flurries!  TIME TO GO!  Unfortunately we still have a couple of doctor appointments at the end of the month.  Won't be hitching up til November 1 and then we head north....WHAT!....I know, right!  We need a few things tweaked on the fiver so we are making a quick trip to Elkhart.  Also our on demand hot water heater is having moments of "you can demand all you want, but I'm not producing hot water for you!"  What's up with that!  Beats the heck outta of us.  Every once in a while it just doesn't want to light or it lights and then will shut down.  It is a mystery.....one I hope the folks over in Cincinnati can fix for us as that will be our second stop before hauling "you know what" to warmer weather.  Why Cincinnati?  Well that is where the factory is that made the thing and we like going straight to the top when those "head scratching" kinda problems appear.  I'm hoping the temps are a little warmer as there is a great zoo and city park there in Cincinnati....would be great to visit them both again.
Our winter destination is Florida this year, with our first stop being "the KEYS" for Thanksgiving!  So looking forward to seeing and discovering that area for the first time!

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  1. I would think you would have the road just about to yourselves heading north this time of year. Good luck with the repairs and hopefully you get to go the right direction before too long.


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