Thursday, October 31, 2013


Aw....I just love Halloween....tis my favorite time of year!  Such a shame that the weather is so crappy this year....nothing but rain, rain, and more rain.  I'm afraid everyone is going to be very soggy by the end of the bewitching hour!
I spent the day yesterday taking advantage of the dry and warmer temps.  Rounded up all the "stuff" that needs to be packed into the basement.  Lawn chairs, rugs, doggie bathtub, the grill....all those things that make life easier on the road.  Billy is still working over at our "stick-n-brick" house.  Our son Sam and his lovely "bride-to-be" are living there now.  The house needed a new furnace and we decided to relocate it and the hot water heater to a closet in the garage.  Our utility room has always been so small and cramped, but now there is plenty of room for the washer/dryer.  Anyway during the process, Billy decided to replace the hot water heater with an "on demand" unit.  We have one in our fifth wheel and love it.  But as usual, nothing ever goes smoothly for my poor little handyman.  First issue was soldering the new water pipes in the he is down there, on his back, soldering the copper pipe and "oops!"  Solder has dripped down and landed on his eyebrow....yup, he is very lucky it didn't land in his eye....and yup, there is not much left of his eyebrow.  Once the skin heals....I don't know if he will get any of that eyebrow hair back or not!  Yesterday they had all the connections made....energized the system...and of course there were leaks.  Good news is nothing was leaking under the crawlspace it was all out in the garage....thank goodness, as I would hate for him to "lose" any other valuable body parts!  LOL! fixed the leaks....tried again...and small drip, drip, drip on one of the joints....that is today's project and I sure hope it goes smoothly. 
We did make the decision to postpone our trip to Elkhart til next spring.  We really don't have anything major that needs tending when we head outta here, we will be heading SOUTH!  We will be making a "pit stop" in Cincinnati as we need to have a little tweaking down to our "on demand" hot water heater.  Hopefully that won't take but a day or two and then KEY we come!

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  1. Great to hear your getting out of the cold front and heading south. We are going to Key Largo for 3 night (1118 leaving 1120) so if your there then let us know and we would love to meet for dinner. Safe travels.


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