Tuesday, October 15, 2013

West Baden

Finally something to write about other then hospital stays and procedures....my step dad has been home from the hospital now for about 2 weeks and doing very well.  So glad to put that chapter of my life behind me!  Now on to the FUN.....Mom and I took a much needed mini vaca....just one night!  It was her treat....as we celebrated my B-day a bit early.  Thanks Mom!  We had an awesome time and will go back when we can spend more then just a night.  We went to the West Baden Springs Hotel.  Located near French Lick Indiana.  It was fabulous.....and yes I have a few photos to share......
This is the driveway onto the hotel property
ONE of the Grand entrances
Rocking chairs overlooking the beautiful gardens.
I wish we would have had more time to spend....I certainly would have taken advantage of those chairs!  We did wonder around the gardens...just lovely!  There are carriage rides and horseback riding, elegant dining, and a casino nearby too!  Oh...and I must not forget to mention the Spa....wondrous things happen there!  So much history is here and you can just feel the buzz of past years and past patrons.  
This is the atrium....it takes your breath away!
Grand fireplace
and finally me (on the left) and my beautiful Mom!

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