Sunday, April 19, 2015


We certainly have enjoyed our visit here at the Distant Drums Rv park.  The layout was a little different and there are some tight turns.  In fact, we are still not sure just exactly how we are getting out of the site we are in.....
 They give you the street signs in English and the native language.....neat!
We are on a corner can see that it is kinda a jack-n-jill set up, but your neighbor's rear only comes up about 1/4 of the way.  Unfortunately we can't just "pull out" the turn is too tight either left or right and the street ahead is a dead end with no turn around.  So I think our plan will be to pull forward down the dead end street and then back up into the street on our right.  Then we can make the turn!
Lot spacing isn't bad...but once the truck is parked you don't have much 'patio' room for chairs and such.
The surrounding view is pretty awesome!
We took a day and headed over to Red Rock State Park....truly spectacular views there

Birds are lively and everywhere!
Yesterday we headed over to Jerome....what a neat place that was.  I have a ton of photos and I'll share some next post......


  1. We really enjoyed that area, especially Red Rock and Jerome:)

  2. We workamped at Distant Drums winter 2012-2013. Spent a lot of time in Cottonwood, Jerome and Sedona. Spent this past winter in Mesa, AZ


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