Friday, April 24, 2015

Tucumcari, New Mexico....

Yes...we made it out of Sedona and on down the road to Albuquerque and now we are in Tucumcari New Mexico.  That is a mouth full so I started calling it TuCan City!  LOL!  Interesting little place on the historic route 66 highway.  Had a fabulous dinner at Del's Restaurant....great salad bar included with the meal.  Billy had his fav Chicken Fried Steak and I had a NY strip.  All very tasty and modestly priced.  The town itself has seen better times, but they seem to be hanging in there with a few more restaurants and a couple of tourist type shops.  We are headed out to another interesting restaurant called "KIX"....a 50 style diner for breakfast!

We are at the AOK...nothing special, but certainly fine for a night or two.  The winds have  been really bad......25 to 30 mph with 50 mph gust.  Looks like rain is on the horizon as well.  Plan on staying put one more night then we are on our way along I40 to Texola, Oklahoma.  Keeping an eye on all the nasty weather.....hoping to avoid the bulk of it. 

If ya want to see some of my Albuquerque zoo pics and a little about Jerome AZ  and the Ghost Town click on the link to my art blog.


  1. Make sure you get to the Tucumcari General Store . . . he does BBQ and donuts on the weekends. Delicious! The owners are a couple of the nicest people we've met!

    1. We missed the general store, Marci....but such a great little town....we will go back!


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