Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Trip back to Indiana

We had planned to spend the summer out west this year, but things have happened back in Indiana which require us to be there sooner...rather then later.  The first event..a happy one...our son and daughter-in-law are in the process of buying their first home.  It is quite the house and their closing date is set for June 1.  So happy for them and us because this means we can now sell our home.  Back to Indiana we go earlier then expected to get our home on the market and hopefully sold before the end of summer! 
Unfortunately our next bit of news was not so wonderful.  My step father is having some health concerns which require my attention....we have to be back in Indiana by the first week of May to deal with those issues. 
As of now, we plan to leave Yuma on the 8th and travel to Congress Az.  We have been wanting to make our way back to North Ranch (Escapee's Park) for a while now so that will be our first stop on our journey.  Then I think we will head up to Sedona and spend a few days there before heading east to Indiana.
It has been very busy usual....many goodbye parties, hugs and waves as day by day a few more of our Yuma friends head out.  We will be one of the last to go and the park is already like a ghost town! 
It has been a great winter!  I'll leave you with a photo of my latest pet portrait.  This is Rosie the sweetest little pup that was adopted from a shelter here in Yuma.  Her portrait was my gift to them for adopting Rosie and giving her a wonderful forever home.
and in response....they gifted me with this beautiful handmade quilt made by Rosie's mom!
I can't tell you how surprised I was and truly touched by their generosity.  On the back is a little handwritten note thanking me for the portrait!  I will treasure it always.....


  1. Sounds like it was a great winter, travel safe as you head north:)

  2. We are also on our way back to Indiana! We are near Cottonwood/Sedona for a week then head east slowly. Your pet portrait is great! Travel safely.


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