Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We made it as far as White Springs, Florida. Nice little campground called Lee's Country Campground. It is right off I75, exit 439. You can see we had plenty of room, but we were in the "cheap seats". Next to us, was a more wooded area. If I were planning an extended stay here, that is where I would have wanted to be placed. We had electric and water only, but dump stations are available. The pups and I had a nice walk through the wooded area last night and we will do that again before we leave. Always seems to help them to settle down for the truck ride, if we can get even a short walk in before we leave. We did have a bit of a mishap right before we left the marina. Forgot to crank up the back stabilizers before we raised the front to hitch to truck. Kinda bent them a little, but they still function---sorta, kinda, OK. We will be replacing those once home. Sure hope we get the hang of the "fulltiming" thing soon or we are gonna run out of repair funds!!

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  1. Be sure to see tha Antique Tractor and Engine show at the Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs this Friday and Saturday. It is free with park admission.


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