Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to Tippi Choral Club

Oh, what fun I had yesterday. I spent most of it cleaning and organizing what is going to be my workbase for the house. It used to be our dining room, but now I have my large work table there center stage. I also brought in some wire shelving to organize our supplies and such. We have a lot to accomplish to get the house on the market by mid June.

My fun yesterday was going back to my choral club. I love to sing and it was good to see and hug "the bitches". For those of you that don't know---"the bitches" are my dearest and most precious friends who I met through choral club. We have been through a lot together--great times and bad. We stand strong together, we speak our mind, and we take no prisioners---Ha! Ha! Hence our name, but we see that as a good thing. We all went out to dinner after rehearsal--it was good to laugh and share. We have lots of shows coming up and I'm looking forward to them all!

Today we went over to our accountant and signed our tax returns. We will see a refund this year. Next, it was off to our storage unit to see how our things had survived the winter. All was just as we left it. Then, we headed to the river to check on the rv and retrieve a few more things we need to survive the house. Tomorrow I start organizing the rest of the house for the auctioneer. We need to make decisions on what is going and what is staying. We still have alot of little stuff that needs to find new homes.

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