Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally Indiana

We arrived in Indiana Wednesday afternoon. The temps weren't to bad---high 50's. We spent that first night at the river. Next day, Thursday, we headed into town to the house. It was colder and rain was on the way. We checked out the house and called the water department to get the water turned back on---that took 24 hrs so we went back to the river for one more night. We finally spent Friday night in the house. I have to say at first it felt good to be back in the house, but eventually that wore off when I looked around at all the work we had to do. Not to mention the fact that it is COLD!! We actually saw snow flurries today. Good news is they are predicting 5o's tomorrow---we can only hope! I have to say the dogs are the only ones who are really enjoying the house. They do so love the space to run and play----rediscovering all their old haunts. Didn't take long for the bunnies to realize the furballs were back---Belle had a heyday the other morning chasing them out of the yard. Next, she and Cosmo found a baby bird. No fear, the bird managed to find its way out of our yard in one piece. As to our job of getting the house ready to sell, I did manage to connect with an auctioneer. He is going to come by and take a look at what we have and explain how this all would work. Now, I need to find those cans of paint we bought last year and start that process. Woe is me!

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