Friday, April 18, 2008

Nothing much exciting to report today. Still working on the house, of course. We boxed some of our stuff up and headed over to the storage unit. We thought the overhead door to our unit was harder than usual to open this time. We were correct. We could see from the inside that it was not rolling up correctly. Bill went up to the office and let them know. Apparently, there was no one there who could even look at it till Monday. We managed to get it to close and locked, but I don't think we will be opening it again until we know it has been repaired. Our second problem is our van. It has been having trouble starting of late. Bill cleaned the battery contacts and some other stuff and it seems to be working now----we'll see how long. Thought we might spend the weekend up at the river, but weather doesn't look to good at the moment. Oh yeah, the big news of the day. We had an honest to goodness earthquake early this morning. I guess we slept right through it. We're old ya know!

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