Thursday, November 20, 2008

I think if it were not for bad luck we would have no luck at all..............last night we realized that our refrigerator (in the stick house) was not cooling. The freezer seems to be working, but not frig area. I guess it is a good thing it is cold here in Indiana because it enabled us to move our food to the large, walk in refrigerator (formally known as the garage) for now. We are going to make some calls today and try to figure out if we should have this one repaired or just purchase a new one. The current frig is only 5 years old---that's fairly young in refrigerator years. We hate to put a lot of money into the old or a new one, since we will be letting the appliances go with the house when it sells.

We checked on the fiver yesterday. Everything looks and is working there. We did get all the new cornice boxes built for the new blinds. Hoping to install this weekend. Once they are installed, I'll start working on the stationary drapery panels which will be hung on either side of each window. We could have simply recovered the old "hard panels" that came with our fiver, but we both felt we would like a softer treatment. Once we get them installed I'll take some photos to share.

Lastly, poor Cosmo (our male wire fox terrier) is having some sinus issues. His poor nose is running and one of his eyes is infected. He seems to feel fine and his appetite is good. Anyway, the vet put him on some antibiotics for the nose and eye. I sure hope this all clears up. She indicated that a runny nose could also be a sign of a nasal tumor. Cosmo is only 4 yrs old. I just pray that this is only a sinus infection and nothing more serious. I'll keep you posted.

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