Friday, November 14, 2008

We sure have had a run of bad luck of late. Yesterday we headed up to the fiver to see how the new blinds were going to fit. Unfortunately, I had a "brain fade" moment and somehow inverted the measurement numbers on one of the blinds. I orders 50x73, when I should have ordered 73x50. I know, hard to believe I used to do this for a living and in all those years I never screwed up a measurement like that!! So, I ordered the correct size yesterday and I hope it gets here before we head out.

Hubby had his "brain fade" while cleaning the overhead fan in the rv. In his zeal to do a really good job---he broke it. Sad thing is we just had this replaced (under warranty) this past summer. He is looking online to see if he can just find a replacement part---I sure hope so.

Finally, we tried to fix my son's lap top by installing a new hard drive. Now, the silly thing won't even power up! What is up with that! As I stated in my last post, son now has a new laptop. We are trying to decide if the old one is worth having a "professional" take a look at!

We might as well be having a bonfire here with hundred dollar bills..............

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