Friday, November 28, 2008

OK, so obviously the new software works and my entry was posted, but it did not do it instantly it took a couple of hours for it to finally show up. Not sure I like that aspect. I do like the idea of being able to post in my journal off line then export it to my blog. That way I can always post when things are fresh and then export it to the blog when I have Internet access. Anyway, you are all forewarned that I will be playing around with this a bit. Things may get weird!

Went up to the fiver today, DH cleaned out the basement and organized it for our departure on Tuesday. I did my work on the inside where it was much warmer!! We did pull in the slides and turn the thing around so we are pointed in the right direction! Turning it around always makes me a little nuts. The family river lot is full of trees. When we arrive it is a straight shot to the gravel pad, but when leaving we have to pull forward and turn around in a grassy area (that is no problem). After we are turned comes the hard part---weaving through the trees to get back to the driveway. DH does a fantastic job, but it just makes me nervous. He always warns me not to scream out unless he is actually going to hit the tree---not just closely pass it by! Poor guy.

Now that we are a bit more organized we can start moving the rest of our "stuff" on board. Most of our clothes are there, we just need to put the "kitchen" back together, my art supplies, computers.......... the list goes on.

Speaking of computers...........I ordered me a new one today. Unfortunately, there seems to have been a problem with my order. When I checked to see if it had shipped I found it had been cancelled. No reason listed. I called the place and they had no clue why it had been cancelled. So, they replaced the order and told me to check back in an hour to make sure it went through. The customer service rep I talked to suggested it might be due to the fact that my billing and shipping addresses were different. I explained we bill and ship differently all the time and have never had this problem. Keep your fingers crossed---I really want my new computer before we head out Dec 2

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