Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I spent last evening rehearsing with my choral club---Tippi Chorus. I sure do love to sing with those girls we have such a good time. Our next show will be for a hospital benefit. It is one of the few times when we will actually be preforming outside. I do hope it warms up a bit for that one.

I think we have a set a travel date. Looks like we will leave Lafayette Dec 2. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not force us to leave earlier. Dec 1st is a big show for my choral club and then our Christmas party and I would sure like to stick around to enjoy the festivities!

Our son's new computer came Fed Ex yesterday. We were all so excited---it is so pretty and shiny! Just beautiful and so fast. It is a Mac Book Pro and I WANT ONE!!! But, alas I'm just a poor girl, my little IBook G4 will just have to keep me happy for the near future. Really, my Ibook serves me well--it is just that it is a little slower these days. I have gotten into several memory eating programs like photoshop and ilife. I found I enjoy putting together brochures and web sites. I'm currently working on making prints and cards from my art work. I'll let you know when and where they will be available. That way maybe you can support the "mama needs a new computer" fund............

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