Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iphones are US!

Wow, thanks for all the great comments and support on the whole direct tv thing. It will be interesting to see how we do when we have to set this thing up on our own for the first time.

Our next big triumph---cell phones. We have decided to stay with ATT . We now both have Iphones. There is to be a release of new software for the Iphone 3G and 3Gs which will finally allow us to tether the Iphone to our computer for internet. Right now, ATT does not have a plan in place to charge for this....but I’m guessing it will probably run around $30.00 a month. I had checked with Verizon and that’s what it cost to tether the Blackberry. We shall see....

The whole Iphone thing was interesting. I have an older non 3G Iphone and our son had the newer 3G, and DH had a really old cell phone--I don’t even remember the brand. At any rate, my son is giving me his old 3G so I am giving DH my old Iphone. Sounded so simple in theory.....Well, not so simple. We spent a good 30 minutes at the ATT store getting sim cards switched and our account brought up to date with the new plans. Then we went home to activate DH’s Iphone via Itunes. All I needed to do was transfer my address book to my new 3G again via Itunes. The young man at the ATT store most of thought me to feeble minded to accomplish this because he put everything down in writing so I would not screw it all up. Bless his little heart! LOL! In all fairness, he was very helpful and sweet. Unfortunately, I don’t think he really knew the ends and outs of this transfer process. I followed the directions and nothing happened to either phone. The only thing that happen was all my son’s phone numbers and such ended up on my computer.......not a good thing! OK, so after much ranting, raving, and whining I finally figured out what I needed to do. So I guess this feeble minded woman might just be ‘one up’ on that young whippersnapper at the ATT store. LOL!

We are now anxiously awaiting the release of the new software so I can tether my Iphone to my computer for internet. If this works, than DH will invest in an antenna to boost our cell signal on the river lot. All of you need to keep fingers crossed that this works.......because then, at last, I will have internet at the fiver at the river.

As to the internet at the stick house....that too has become a problem. We tried to set up a network for our computers to access internet wirelessly and no matter how we tried we can’t seem to make it work. Now, we have to “plug in” every time we want to get online. Did I tell you, DH and I don’t share well. So, right now he is at the stick house on line and I am online at Panera Bread! I’ll be so glad when we get all this straightened out and I can “pull the plug” on every thing at the house.


  1. Sounds like you're having all kinds of "techie" fun! Good job on the iPhones. On the wireless network Internet access, I've set up dozens of these and it's normally pretty straightforward. There are a few things though that can foul it up. If you would like to post your router brand, I could probably send you a pretty good step-by-step on how to get it working.

  2. wow!!! Technology!!! It took me like 15 mins to try and add a comment here!lol Don't feel too bad about the iphone technology. I have had my BlackBerry for about 2 months and still have trouble answering it! tee hee. What ever happend to the simple life? One phone and one answering machine. oh, and caller ID! What do we need that for?? You pick up the phone and that's how you find out who is on the other line. Geez!!! Love your blog post though! They make me laugh! Hugs

  3. Sorry but this all sounds way to complicated for me. I think I will keep what I have and use my computer...LOL


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