Monday, June 8, 2009

Wish I had some fascinating story to share with all of you, but things are pretty 'day to day' with us right now.

We are in the process of gathering carpet information. The carpet that originally came with our fiver is just awful. So, we have been shopping around for new. We found one made by Shaw that is very nice, but pricey too! We are waiting to hear a final price, I picked out one of those anti bacterial pads with a moisture barrier. Thought it might help, if one of the furballs has an accident. The carpet comes highly rated and it has a 'soft back' which our installers say is much nicer to work with in an rv application. We also would like to replace our recliners and the love seat. We were thinking of going with three recliners, but I think that will have to wait til next year. There is nothing really wrong with the current furniture, other than, the sofa is hard as a rock and the chairs, we feel, are a bit oversized for the area. In the stick house, we currently have a 'slipper chair'. A slipper chair is a chair without arms. We may move the current love seat out and put one of the recliners in its place. We could the put the 'slipper chair' next to the remaining recliner. We think this arrangement would give us a little more room, but still provide extra sitting for when company calls. We certainly don't won't anyone sitting on the floor....LOL! I will be sure and let you know how this all turns out! I'm sure you will all be sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation of our decision. Our first issue is figuring out how to get the love seat out of the fiver....LOL!

DH just informed me he order our Direct tv. We have already purchased and received our tri-pod. Won't the installer be surprised when we show him where to mount the dish? Tee, hee!


  1. Try out a Poang chair at Ikea. I think you would be very surprised at how comfortable they are & they are under a hundred dollars, light, washable & easy to move around. We ditched all our uncomfortable RV furniture in Quartzite a couple years ago & replaced it all with Ikea stuff including 2 Poang chairs.......

  2. Well I would not mind setting in a Bean Bag Chair if that is all you have...

  3. Debbie, check to see if the back will come off the loveseat. That's how we got our sleeper couch out of the Teton. It's worth a try.
    Have fun and hugs..........


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