Monday, June 22, 2009

Twilight Zone Technology

Well, we are still working on these technology issues. I have pretty much decided that the river lot here in Indiana is part of some strange Bermuda Triangle. Cell signals, internet signals, Direct Tv signals all seem to be ‘eaten’ and mysteriously disappear......

DH spent around $300 for an antenna and signal booster for our Iphone and it is only providing a slight improvement in signal strength. I still only have one bar most of the time, but sometimes I will get two. It does seem to be a little more stable.

I downloaded the much anticipated 3.0 software for my Iphone. My Iphone now has some new bells and whistles for me to figure out and the internet speed does seem to be somewhat improved. So far, so good on the cell phone front. Unfortunately, rumor has it that ATT will be waiting till the end of summer to come out with “tethering plans’. There is speculation that it will run around $30 a month. Since I can’t seem to improve my cell signal here at the river, I don’t think the ‘tethering’ thing is going to be of much use here anyway......especially since there will be an additional charge. We have decided to check into a Verizon Air Card. I did speak with a Verizon rep last week and found that they do have some coverage of the river area....or so they say. I did confirm; however, that I would have 30 days to try out the card and if it does not work I can return everything for a full refund. We figure we don’t have anything to lose here, so I think we will give Verizon a try.

My little brain is just dizzy from all this tech-no junk! I just want to ‘plug it in’ and have something work! But no, that would be tooooo easy......everything is a struggle here in the Twilight Zone know as ”The River Lot“......LOL We are really ‘roughing it’ here ‘deep in the woods’ HE, HE!

On a happier note, I received an unexpected gift from one of my close friends. She saw a necklace and she thought it was just meant for me to wear. It is quite pretty. It is an oval with a heart suspended in the center. There is an inscription on the oval. It states, ”Well behaved woman rarely make history.“ Guess that kinda says it all......Thanks Shari Baby......I will wear it with pride.

Oh, and DH did finally get the wireless network set up back at the stickhouse. At least something went right for a change on the Techie front. LOL.

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  1. We're planning to go with Verizon and tethering. The difference between tethering and the air card is about $30 a month and, from what I understand, the reception is essentially the same. Another advantage for us is that the tethering option can be turned on and off -- no penalties -- and the cost is prorated based on the number of days that are used. As of now, we still want to keep our DSL at home. We only travel a few months a year.

    Of course, to be able to tether the phone and the computer, you have to have a suitable phone. Not all will work and only a few can be set up with a wireless adapter. Still have some research to do before we commit.

    Mike Goad
    at home in Arkansas
    Haw Creek Out 'n About


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