Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to work on the stick house. I have been working on the doors and drawers to complete the cabinets. It is all starting to come together and I think we made a huge improvement to the house. Hopefully prospective buyers will think so too. Being back at the house is kinda nice.....all the room, the big screen tv, high speed internet, my own washer and get the drift. BUT! I have to say I am at my most content when at the end of the day we head back to our fiver. I’m just so much more relaxed and at peace. DH and I kick back in our easy chairs and just can’t get the smile off our faces. Even the furballs seem more relaxed. We know it won’t be long before we will be rolling again down the road. Although it is always hard to leave our friends and family, the call of the open road and that ‘hitch itch’ is just to much to bare.......we gotta go....the adventure awaits......

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  1. I can TOTALLY relate to what you're saying. We're parked here at Rod's mom's house and while it's nice to have the washer/dryer and a dishwasher we are way more comfy in our 5th wheel. We're wrapping up here also and will be back on the road after Labor Day!!

    Debbie & Rod


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