Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spent a large portion of Sunday emptying out the fiver of furniture. We removed our table and chairs, recliners, and even our air bed. It is finally time for us to head to Elkhart to have our new carpet installed. I also had to empty out our large desk because they will pull it up in order to put the carpet underneath it. They will also remove our bed slide so they can carpet there as well. I know, whole lot of work, but I know it will be worth it in the long run.

We decided to head up on Sunday rather than have to pull out in the wee hours of the morning on Monday. We headed to Elkhart around 4pm and arrive there a little after 7pm. We had no sooner unhooked in the repair shops driveway, when a truck came racing up honking their horn. It was Ron, the owner of the shop. He was telling us we could not park the fiver there. We had positioned ourselves right in front of the overhead door to the shop, thinking we would be first inside at 8am. Well, apparently a unit had to come out before we could go in. So, we hitched her up and moved over about 10 feet. At least he threw us out an electrical hook up before he left. Unfortunately, it was only a 20amp and I promptly blew the fuse by trying to cook a couple of hot dogs in the convection oven. What was I think-in!! Fortunately, we had enough battery power to run the tv and a few lights for the evening.....oh and blow up our little air mattress to sleep on. What a night.....we went from a king size air bed to a double size air mattress....with a king size furball between us.

Come morning the fiver was backed into the repair shop and we headed to our dog friendly hotel----now that is another story for another day......to be continued


  1. We had to stop in Elkhart in the early spring of o8 on our way home to have a screen door replaced, It was a busy place.

  2. WOW new carpeting!!! How great is that. We too are having cool weather in Arkansas and Louisiana. We are really enjoying sitting out in the morning with out coffee.


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