Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wow, where did that hot weather go? Woke up to a wonderfully cool morning. I do enjoy fall and today is a nice preview of what is to come. I know there is more hot weather around the corner, but for now we are enjoying this brief cool down.

Finally painted my last kitchen cabinet door. Yippeeee!! NO, still more painting to be accomplished, but hopefully things will start to move a little faster now.

I was enjoying the campfire with my family and friends yesterday, when MS Bee decided to sting me! OUCH! It has been years since I was stung by a bee and I have to tell you it hurts like the dickens! Still today, my arm is swollen and red. I’m taking an antihistamine for my hay fever so that is helping with the itching at least.

Today we are going to have a shrimp boil---we are all looking forward to that. We throw shrimp, new potatoes (vs old potatoes :)), fresh Indiana sweet corn, and seasonings in a big pot and yeah, we boil it! When it is all done...we pour it out over newspapers and everybody grabs a fork and chows down......mmmmmmm.......good!

Tomorrow we start unloading the fiver to prepare for our trip to Elkhart to have our carpet installed. We are taking out as much of the furniture we can to aid in the installation process. While the boys are installing the carpet.....DH, myself, and the two furballs are checking into a doggie friendly hotel for a couple of days. Now, that should really give me something to blog about........till then

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