Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ok, so where was I.....ah yes, the lovely pet friendly hotel. So, come Monday morning we officially turn our fiver over to the guys for the carpet install. We and the furballs head to the Econo lodge for our pet friendly room. We checked in at the front desk and head down to room 102. I slide the little card key, ping goes the green light, a downward thrust to the door handle, and I'm, I am immediately overtaken by the wondrous order of many, many, many cats. Yes, I'm sure the folks that were in here before us must of had at least a 100 of them. Now, the room is fairly clean. I checked the bathroom first thing and found it to be spotless. The bed linens are clean and fresh is the carpet that is in bad shape. It is actually pulling away from the wall on one side of the room. I don't know if that is from numerous cleanings or numerous kitty and doggie "oops" left behind.

Well, pet owners can't be choosy... I guess. We are at the mercy of the hotel industry. There just were not that many places to choose from, so we decide to stay and try to make the best of it. I sent DH back to the fiver to retrieve our box fan and a large bottle of fabreez. Lucky for us the room has a large window which I could open and let in some much needed fresh air. At least there is free wifi and a king size bed.....which the furballs immediately took over for there own. It seems they aren't to fond of the stinky carpet either. LOL!

We shall survive......takes more than an old stinky carpet to get us down. I guess we will appreciate our new carpet in the fiver even more after this little "pet friendly" adventure......

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  1. OOOO Sherri has to pass the room before we can stay in them. Some she has turned down I would have stayed in??? OH well she is the boss.


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