Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ah, where does the time go these days. Work, work, work! Our day’s seem to always be the same. Up and off to the ‘stick’ house for more work. The past week was spent painting the master bedroom and it is finally nearing completion.

Yesterday we cut the ‘cove’ molding to go between the ceiling and top of the newly painted kitchen cabinets. Now, neither myself or my DH are woodworkers.....so angles are definitely not our forte. We only had one simple 45 degree angle.....how hard can that be.....well, about twenty cuts later and we finally figured it out. It seemed so simple, once we got it right. LOL! All you woodworkers know, that the trick is placing the molding onto the miter saw in the same position it will be on the wall. Jeeze louise! What an ordeal, but its done and all that is left is a little calking and ugh....more painting.

Now, DH has turned his attention to trimming out the windows in our dining room. Great! More angles.......more calk.....and alas...more paint!

To top everything off, we had a very exciting trip to the dentist last week. Both of us have put off the whole ‘dental thing’ for quite some time. It was no surprise that we both need some rather extensive work done. What was a surprise was the cost of all this ‘repair’ work. I actually asked the dentist if it wouldn’t be cheaper to just pull out my teeth and buy dentures. He didn’t seem to think that was the way to go....The bottom line runs around $15,000 for both of us. Yeah! I said $15,000!! DH made his appointment......me, I’m getting a second opinion.....

Well, guess I’d better get outta this easy chair, roll up my sleeves, and pick up that paint brush........for yet another exciting day.......


  1. Yikes...Bridget goes to the dentist tomorrow.

    Stay Safe

  2. With that dentist bill I would have to put off retirement for 10 years....I would be 72 and would not need teeth by then!

  3. I have the same opinion of dentists that I do most other business's these days. Their number one main objective & bottom line is too extract as much money out of you as is humanly possible. It just seems to be the norm in these days of personal gain & greed. The honesty & integrity of the 50's has been lost forever:((

  4. There are some very well recommended dentists in Mexico.
    So much cheaper. See Tioga George's, and other's blogs.
    Might be worth the trip!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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