Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yesterday we saw yet another load of our 'life', on a truck and headed for new adventures. Trinity Mission came around 1pm and loaded it up and off it went.....

Today, we grout! Yes keep those 'happy thoughts' coming our way! LOL!

Last night at the fiver was rather interesting. Fall is upon us it seems.....the acorns are falling.....bombarding may be a better word. We had just crawled into bed last night when the on slot began.....At one point, we were sure a squirrel had fallen along with the acorns. Last year, we had two of our vent covers cracked by falling acorns. This year, DH has installed the larger vent covers so hopefully that will no longer be an issue. The furballs literally think the sky is falling.....poor Cosmo (he sleeps on our bed) was trying his best to curl up on my pillow....pushing his butt right in my face. I guess he thinks 'Mom' can protect him from the 'falling sky'....LOL! Thank goodness it didn't last to long and we all managed to get a good nights sleep and yes, Cosmo resumed his spot at the foot of the bed........

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  1. We went through the same bombardment at Sandy Lake RV park. We had some vent covers broke but I never thought about the acorns breaking them?


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