Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in the 'saddle' again as they say....Today was spent gathering more items for the "stick house". We are now re-doing the master bathroom. Nothing major just paint, new sink, new lighting. We had redone the guest bath and it looked so nice it made the master bath look 'shabby'. One thing seems to always lead to another.

Our frig at the stick house man said it was the compressor and it would run around $500 to fix. We are not going to repair it. The sad thing is it is not very old...guess they just don't make things like they used to.....aah is my age showing....that sounds like something my mother would say....ugh!

I called Trinity Mission today. They are coming on Tuesday to haul away our king size bed, chest of drawers, and some other odds and ends. Ya know, the bed is in excellent shape and I'm sure will make someone very happy......So, here we are donating all this stuff and Trinity is still 'charging' us a $20 donation fee to haul it away....yet, they wonder why donations are down...mmmmm

Back at the river and the fiver, things are a little quieter these days. My Dad and Shirley left for Florida last Tuesday. The place just doesn't seem the same with them gone. When I drove down the driveway Tuesday and there was no motor home sitting there next to our fiver......well, it was kinda sad. I know we will be seeing them again soon, but just the same.... I miss them.

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  1. And your right....they sure don't make things like they used to!!


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