Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back in the kitchen yesterday......we decided to tackle tiling the backsplash. DH rented us a wet saw for the job. We got a very good deal on it.....basically $50.00 for the entire weekend. We rented it Friday afternoon and the rental store is closed Saturday and Sunday. So, we have use of the the saw for 2 days for the price of one. We have done tiling before, but we have always used the hand tools for cutting the tile. Never again....the tile saw is definitely the way to go......makes cutting a breeze. We are using the small mosaic type tiles that come glued to a sheet for easier installing....and so far so good.

We went out for lunch and stopped by Lowes to pick up the grout for the tile. It seems grouting has changed quite a bit these days. They now recommend using an epoxy grout. You know the drill.....mix part A with part B and work fast before it hardens. I have to say the sales person had us both scared to death by the time he was done explaining all the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’! The bottom line in small sections at a time, only mix what you need, and tape off any surrounding areas to protect them. Geeze, I sure hope we don’t screw this up! We are still putting up the tile, so I’m thinking we won’t get to the grouting till Monday or Tuesday. I’ll let you know how it goes and yes, I will post some photos. If I do say so myself, the kitchen is looking fantastic. It has really given me the ‘decorating bug’ to start doing some things to our fiver, but the house is all consuming right now.....

I posted my kiln on Craig’s list the other day. I used to do china painting. I hate to give it up, but it is one of those sacrifices that one makes for the ‘greater goode’! LOL! Right off the bat, I received an email asking if I still had the kiln. I quickly reply....YES...and await their response. Well, I got scammed! This person tells me to consider it sold (sight unseen) and that he will send me a check, but I have to provide him all my personal information. Then he will even pay to have the kiln shipped to him....again ‘sight unseen’.....Yeah, right......I haven’t lost that many brain cells....


  1. Don't ya just wish there was a button on your keyboard that you could press & send an electrical charge back through cyber space right to that spammer's computer & blow it up!!!!!!!

  2. I know it seems like a strange thing to do, but instead of sponging off the excess grout do it with sawdust. It will not gouge out the grout, and will have a better finish. You should be able to look that up on "This Old House" site.
    I hope that you will post pictures.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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