Sunday, February 20, 2011


We knew that yesterday and today were going to pretty much be all day rain events.  No problem, I like a rainy day every once in awhile.  It was nice and cozy in the fiver and I watched a couple of good old black and white movies along with working on Rylie's portrait.  I don't know what it is about those old black and whites....but they seemed to have a soothing effect on me no matter what the movie is about.  BUT!  Just as we are all relaxing and enjoying the day here comes the HAIL.  I know several folks saw hail and were just as surprised as we were......

Next thing I know....there is a little thunder thrown in for good measure.  All this and the sun is still shining....peeking out between the storm clouds.  I'm sure there was a rainbow somewhere, but I didn't have the desire to go stand in the hail and rain to find it.  Today is another day of rain, but hopefully the hail days are behind us all.  Looking forward to another day of painting and maybe catching another old movie or two.  If you want to see my progress on Rylie, check out my Art Blog.


  1. When I was staying at my daughter's house last week we had a few moments of hail one day. It usually stops as quickly as it starts.

    About the only old B&W movie I could watch over and over is Casablanca.

  2. Debbie, both Paulette and I checked out your progress on Rylie's portrait and it's 'awesome' - what a terrific job you're doing. Thanks so much for the updates!

  3. I share your love for old black and white movies...This may sound weird but I love old Elvis movies too!


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