Thursday, February 3, 2011

Roadrunner and "Dewy" the cat

Not much going on here.....the wind and colder temps have made most folks huddle in their rv's past few days.  I did manage to get out and visit with the neighbors a bit and we had an unexpected visitor.  This roadrunner decided to crash the party!  We were all amazed at how tame he seemed to be....apparently folks have been feeding he will let you get pretty close. 
He seems to enjoy all the he is "puffing" himself up....."I'm ready for my close up, Mr DeMill!"
Our neighbor's kitty decided he had to get in on the photo shoot as well.....allow me to introduce....."Dewy"......
He's a real "cutie" , don't ya think?  That's about it.....catch ya next time!


  1. I love roadrunners. They're so fast you're lucky to get such a great photo.

    Dewey is a beautiful kitty. Reminds me of Pyro, the kitty we had at our campground at Powderhorn, TX 2008/2009 winter.

  2. Did you actually post a pic of the roadrunner? If so, I didn't see it, just the pic of the cat.

    That's the one thing I was fascinated by in Arizona was the roadrunner I saw and took photos of. They are much more attractive than the Disney version!

  3. You got a lot better picture of your Roadrunner than I did of the one we had here yesterday. It took off like a, well a Roadrunner, as soon as I pointed my camera.


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