Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Thermostat

Our thermostat here in the fiver is not working well at all.  We finally decided it was time for a replacement.  Billy found one he liked....which is battery operated as he made the decision to go with a residential thermostat as opposed to a 12 volt rv style thermostat.  
 This is the outside cover of our old thermostat and below you see the inside.
 The really nice thing here is all the wires are color coded and labeled which will make hooking up the new one much easier.  Now, two things we will is the "heat strip" function.   We won't miss that at all because we only used it a couple of times. I much prefer my little electric fireplace.  The second item is of course the 12 volt power connection.  We will be using the battery power only.
This is the front of the new thermostat.....very simple, which is the way us old folks like it!  Billy did make one modification.  He added a toggle switch so we could still have a high/low fan setting.
There is the little toggle switch....added at the bottom of the thermostat.  Next is the photo of the back side of the thermostat.
So, this is where we currently stand at this point.  Billy needed to get a soldering gun to complete the project and it arrived yesterday.  I'll share how it all goes next post.


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