Friday, February 18, 2011

New Thermostat Part 2

Yesterday, Billy tackled the installation of the new thermostat.  It went pretty well.....have a look.....
 Here we have the instructions.
Next, comes all the tools.
Speaking of tools....this is our new Weller 100 soldering iron.  I want to get into some jewelry making so I convinced Billy to buy a little better soldering iron for the thermostat project.  
Back to the install......wires from the wall awaiting their new home.
Here we have the completed unit....all the little wires in their respective places with two exceptions.  As I mentioned yesterday, this unit is battery powered so Billy taped off the 12 volt wire and the heat-tape switch (we never used much).  The other item that is missing is the toggle switch for the high/low fan.   Once he soldered the wires to it...we found that for some reason the switch no longer moved up and down.  Don't have a clue why....but for the time being he removed it and the fan for the air conditioner is set to low.  We will get a new toggle switch and try again at some point.  For now....everything works and we are once again "happy campers"!


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