Friday, March 11, 2011

Rylie Finished......

The weather here has just been gorgeous these past few days.....I think we hit 91 yesterday afternoon.  I am finally warm....sun feels so good!
I did manage to get to my easel and finish the portrait of Rylie........
I'll say it again.....Love, love, love those "Betty Davis Eyes" and all those wonderful curls.
I took some photos of a new pup here in the rv park yesterday....her name is ......
She just got back from the groomers and they put little Saint Patty's Day bows and a little spray of green in her tail....too cute.  Princess is a rescue pup.  The managers here at the park adopted her a couple of months ago.  She has come a long way.....amazing what a little love and kindness can do.  She was actually thrown from a moving car by here previous owners.  Some kind soul stopped.....amazingly she suffered no physical injuries.....and took her to a shelter.  Now she has a wonderful home.  She has gone from a shy and frightened dog to one that is outgoing and friendly and loves to be cuddled!  She is indeed a "Princess" and quite the "Daddy's girl"!  I love "Happy Endings"! 


  1. Debbie..Your portrait of Rylie is simply beautiful (I know I'm just a bit prejudiced!). Fantastic job - way better than any photo I've taken of her. I can't believe how well you have captured her eyes! Thanks again for doing this portrait, you are so extremely talented.

  2. Great job on Rylie!

    Princess looks very much like a previous dog I had. We used to say she was a dog and a half long and half a dog high. She was a lhasa apso crossed with a big white dog. She had a lovely temperment though. Is this your next painting?

  3. Rylie looks alive in that portrait!! Amazing job...

    Princess is beautiful, glad she found a good forever home.

  4. I love happy endings too and I'm glad to see that poor dog had one.

    You are an amazing artist. That picture of Rylie is incredible. The eyes really stand out.

  5. great job on Rylie's the photo of Princess and the green tail!!.what a sad beginning she had but so happy that she found a good home finally!!


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