Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At My Easel

Yesterday was a little better....still cool temps, but the sun was out.  I spent the day painting.  I have two I'm working on these days.  Here is the pelican.....
I just did a close up of the area I'm working on....long way to go yet, but I think he or she is looking pretty good.
Here is the old truck.....decided on a spring time theme for the background!
I think I mentioned we had been having some issues with our furnace.  Well, it finally bit the dust.  It tries to light, but no go.  Thank goodness we have the electric heaters as it gets pretty chilly here at night.  Looks like we will be calling the rv repair guy here in the park to have a look!


  1. Such a wonderful talent. I love the old truck. Good luck with the furnace. Our front shade is refusing to work this morning. Always something.

  2. You are so talented!

    It's definitely always something to take your money away be it an RV or a house!

  3. That old truck painting looks great! Good luck with getting the furnace fixed.

  4. nice work on the painting..and good luck with the furnace repair!!..try and stay warm!


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