Friday, March 18, 2011

The Sands

Yesterday was one long day for us....about 6 hrs vs our normal 3 to 4.  Billy decided we needed to find a truck wash to clean up our rv and truck so that is why we added the extra 2 hours to our day.  The other thing that may have slowed us down just a bit.....I, ME, behind the wheel to drive!!  My very first time and Billy says I did a fabulous job.  He was very surprised at my "lane handling" as he called it.  Next on my agenda is to learn how to back this thing into an rv space!!  At any rate, we were all really tired from our travels.  We arrived at our site and Rick (Rick and Paulette's Travels) stopped by to welcome us and introduce himself.  A bit later he and Paulette stopped by so we could meet the pups in person.  I have to say meeting and getting all those puppy kisses from Rylie was soooo sweet.  Here is a photo compliments of Rick....
Here is a photo of our site......
Our site is very nice....lots of privacy and a large wash basin out the back...which is great for the furballs. asked if I sell my work....yes.  I don't have anything available at the present, but check out my website as I will be posting available paintings, cards, and prints in the near future.  You can also sign up for an email newsletter if you is published 4 times a year and will have all my "art" news, sales, and more.
Guess that is all for now....I'm off to explore my new surroundings...


  1. Good for you for driving. I used to drive our fiver and felt pretty good about it. Never about backing though. Then we moved to the motor home and I just can't seem to get it right. For some reason it really bothers me to drive it. Guess I need to go to driving school.

    Have a great time at the Sands.

  2. It was great meeting up with you and Bill and we especially enjoyed your visit and chat here this afternoon.

    Congrats on driving the big rig - Paulette swears she'll never do it!

  3. hi Debbie..just found your blog through Rick and Paulette's..good for you for driving the big rig!!!


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