Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Great Evening

Yesterday, Rick came by and invited us out to dinner.  We originally made plans to go to dinner tonight, but then Paulette came by and ask if we could make it that night.  Well, of course, that is the beauty of being retired and fulltime....all our plans are set in "jello" and can be changed at the drop of a hat!  So, off we went...over to Palm Springs for a great buffet at the Spa Resort and Casino.  We also were introduce to another great couple here at the Sands...Gary and Sandy.  The six of us had a lovely dinner and the conversation was even better!  We are just having too much fun here at the if we could just do something about this ding, dang wind!  Enough already!
Yep, the winds were a howling all night long and have continued this am.  It is truly amazing that...just over the way at Palm Springs...usually no wind..calm as can be.
Today I think we may mosey over to the Living Desert and Zoo.  I want to see what animals I can "capture" with my new camera!


  1. It was a great evening, we really enjoyed it, so thanks for joining us.

    You'll love the Living Desert, it's an interesting place. Don't miss the model train setup there as it's spectacular.

  2. Sorry about your wind. We've had it pretty calm here in Apache Junction and I sure hope it stays that way. Dinner with friends - not much better than that.

  3. how great to have dinner out with friends!..hope the wind dies down soon for you all!!

  4. Sounds like a fun time. We went to the Living Desert a few years back. It was a great place but it was a hot day so we didn't stay as long as we would have liked. We did see a great presentation (show) that had a parrot, a possum, and a small cat - like an ocelot (can't remember what she called it). Anyway, it was all very interesting and a great place to visit.


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