Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Apple and Willie The Worm

Lookie what I found outside my door yesterday.  Pretty little thing don't ya think.

As Apple folk we were glued to the news yesterday and this morning awaiting all the info on the latest Apple developments.  I have to say I'm pretty excited about this whole "ICloud" thing and a little apprehensive as well.  Something a bit unnerving about my "stuff" hanging out there in cyberspace, but I think it is where we are all headed to eventually.  So, I'm gonna buckle up my cyber seat belt...jam the torpedoes, and full speed ahead......traveling to where no person has gone before.....to the next frontier!

I'm also pretty excited about the next operating system to be released in July.  It has some great features and all for about $30! Can't wait!


  1. Is that really a worm? It looks like something Jim would put on the end of his hook for fishing. But it's beautiful.

  2. They are real, they appear on oak trees in Rockport, Texas usually around fall time if I recall correctly. The white-marked tussock moth caterpillar is what they are called although we called them wooly worms. Either way I am or was allergic to them so we always had the trees sprayed to kill them.


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