Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to the Easel

Here I am....revisiting an old friend....the truck and the hare.  It felt so good getting the pelican painting finished that I have put the old truck back on my easel.  I had a bout 2 hours to spend on it yesterday......
Still have some "rock" work to do and I will be adding some cacti and probably a few more smaller rocks.  I want to get the foreground completed and then I'll move on to the hare and the finishing details on the truck.  
The past couple of days have been absolutely glorious here in, dry, and sunny!  Makes me feel like dancing, singing, and howling at the moon! is quite the sight to see....just ask my husband!  LOL!  Oh yeah, Mesha is just doing I love that dog, she has been a real "gift" to our lives!  When she lays here head on my chest and bats those big blue eyes.....I just melt!


  1. What a great painting. You have such a great talent. Cool, dry, sunny - those are words that make you want to weep for joy. A little dancing and howling is a good thing.

    So glad Mesha is doing so well. I love those kinds of success stories.

  2. The painting looks great already!

    Our weather here in Florida is the sticky and sunny!



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