Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cell Phone Decisions

I'm sure hoping things start to settle down around here.  It seems of late I have had no time just to "be" at home.  Everyday there is an errand or two to run or a problem to solve.  Ah well, I guess it is good to be needed!  

One of the errands I ran yesterday was to ATT.  My family just all got new phones and a new plan to go with it.  My son, myself, and my mother all went with the 3Gs Iphone.  Billy went with a "free" ATT phone made by Pantech.  I had thought about going with a less expensive and more simple phone, but in the end I just couldn't  talk myself into it.  I had an original Iphone...then moved up to the 3G and I just like the ease of use and access to the internet.  The Iphone is not perfect....they have their issues....the screen freezing is my main complaint.  It seems all "smart phones" have their good and bad points, but overall I love my Iphone.

As to the plan, we went with the family plan with the lowest minutes (700).  We added the unlimited cell to cell (any cell on any network) and unlimited text message for $30.  We all love to text....even my Mom has gotten into the action with her new Iphone.  Of course, we all (with the exception of Billy) have data plans too.  So, everyone is happily talking, surfing, and their hearts content these days.  

My trip to ATT was to pay my portion of the new family plan bill plus pay the final bill for our old cell plan.  Note to attention to ending and starting plan dates.  Not only did I have to pay a full bill cycle for the old plan, but I also had to pay for a full bill cycle plus those darn activation charges for the new plan.  All I can say is....I am doing my part to keep our economy going!!  LOL!  So, we stuck with ATT ..... but we do have a Verizon air card for the internet.  We have been very happy with the air card and that will be our next the new G4....not so much for the G4 because we know that is very limited in its service area, but for the better rate and data plans now available.  I'll let ya know how that all turns out in the future.


  1. will the 4G be backward compatible with the 3G network?

  2. I'm kind of waiting for them to expand the 4G network before I get a new phone again. But I have not idea when that might be. So I'll make do with what I have.

  3. Oh dear, what ever happened to that good old simple rotary phone we used to have.

  4. I have GOT to do something about internet access when we travel but just not sure what. I use a cheap Tracfone for my cell service and it works fine. Guess I don't like to talk as much as I like the internet!!

  5. The verizon air card has worked very well for us for internet usage...there has been very few times when we were unable to get a signal. The new 4G air cards are backward compatible with the 3G. Thanks for all the comments guys....and Al I miss those old rotary phones too! When I was a teen I had a PINK one!


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