Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Verizon Card Issues.....

Thanks for all the input on the Verizon air card.  I have not made it over to Verizon as of yet.....I know I'll be in for a long day.  I also wanted to really have some time in with the card so I can describe exactly what it is and is not doing.  I'm sure the dang thing will behave beautifully while at the Verizon store.  
My main complaint is that it either disconnects itself or goes dormant and it is difficult at times to re-connect.  Sometimes it thinks it is connected when it is not.  My computer has also gone "grey" with a request to shut down and restart....so I am suspecting the Verizon software is at fault at this point.  It is just not playing well with my mac.
Many of you mentioned you have the "mifi" as opposed to the "aircard" and I would have went that way if the decision were up to me alone.  My hubby wanted the aircard.  He wants to purchase the Wifi Ranger and use the aircard with it.  I recently found out that this particular card is not currently compatible with the Ranger, but they will be releasing the appropriate software in the next few weeks.  Another feature of this particular card, is that you do have an access point to directly plug an external antenna into the card and boost it's signal.  We have used this before with our old card that also had an antenna port and it does work.  
 Bottom line.....I'm heading back to Verizon tomorrow and hopefully we can get this thing working in a more reliable fashion.  We really like the card and it's features (when it works)......so we shall see.


  1. My air card isn't giving me any grief (but I don't have a Mac)except when the tower usage is extremely high. I do use the antenna perched up on top of the sun visor which definitely helps. Good luck making the thing work. It's so frustrating when you purchase something and then it won't work.

  2. Good luck finding the problem. Sometimes my aircard disconnects, and now I'm using my son's wireless internet and it disconnects as well. They are both easy enough to start back up though.

  3. Oops - I referred to my aircard whereas I should have said "my Mifi"

  4. We just tether our smart phone to the laptop instead of paying for the aircard. K


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