Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"I've fallen and I can't......."

Well, I did actually get up..with a little help from Bill.  It was early in the am and I was just waking up.  Cosmo, who sleeps with us, decided to jump off the bed.  Unfortunately, I think he landed just a little too close to Belle, who sleeps on the floor.  Next thing I know....trouble is brewing....dogs are growling.  I quickly grabbed Cosmo, who weighs about 40lbs, and tried to put him back on the bed.  What actually happened.....Cosmo and I fell back onto the bed together.  We landed too close to the edge of the end of the bed and away we went.....rolled right off the end of the bed.  No way to "catch" myself cause I've got 40lbs of dog in my arms.  My knee hit the dresser and I crashed to the floor on my left side.  I've got some scrapes on my knee and everything else just hurts.  I guess I don't "bounce" as well as I used too!  It has been about 3 days since I fell and my neck and shoulders are still giving me problems, but mostly in the morning....everything is just stiff and painful.  Time will heal or I'll end up in the Chiropractor's office..  LOL!
I do have some photos to share today....here is our campsite in Richmond Indiana
Nice little park.....little old and rough around the edges, but great for an overnight or two.  Plus it is a passport America park so we stayed for $20.00.  It is called Deer Ridge Camping Resort....I'm not too convinced about the "resort" tag!
Here is a look out our back window.......
Nice!  But the sites are very close together, we were lucky cause the place was fairly deserted while we were there.  I took an early evening walk and did find some interesting subjects to photo.......have a look...
A little Angel bird bath......I loved the color and the soft reflection in the water.
And this guy.....pretty cool.....I had just the right lighting to "capture" this old man of the forest peacefully sleeping.
We are currently in Cincinnati.....had our on demand water heater checked out.  The techs think we have a faulty gas regulator as the unit seems to function properly, but can't achieve "high" flame.  Real nice bunch there at Precision Temp.  We think we spoke with both the president and the owner who came out to take a look at our unit.  They were both really interested in our problem and getting it solved.  We even got a Precision Temp cap and visor.  They couldn't replace the regulator for us, but told us where to find one.  Once the regulator is replaced they want us to come back in for a re-check.  So far, there has been no charge and they spent most of the day last Monday running diagnostics on our unit.
We are now staying in a very nice park known as Winton Woods here in Cincinnati.  Billy located and purchased the regulator and plans on installing today.  Photos to come......


  1. Oh Wow! I live in Cincinnati!! I envy your life so! As soon as the kids grow up and the hubs retires we are getting an RV! I love riding the open road...to anywhere!
    Great pics! The decapitated angel floating in water is a bit freaky! but also creative! The huge tree is amazing! Hope you feel better and no more bumps and bruises!

  2. So sorry you fell. We just don't recover like we used to. Jim fell when we were in Gillette and landed on his shoulder. It took almost two weeks before he finally could use it properly again. Hope you feel better quicker than that.

  3. Hope you're doing better Debbie... I just LOVE the old man in the tree ~ great eye!!!
    Have fun

  4. Falls at our age are never funny but I have to admit I laughed out loud at your description of your trouble. Hope you are feeling better by now.

    Loved the photos.

  5. That sounds like real exciting way to exit the bed. Glad it was not worse.

    We have learned to think of the word Resort as some sort of code word meaning something not so good:(

  6. Sometimes, I guess, it's just better to let the dogs sort out trouble for themselves - although that was a pretty funny story... hope you're o.k.

    Hope the new regulator install goes o.k. and that water heater fires up properly.


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