Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The "rest of the story".....

As I promised....let me tell you about our little adventure to Rising Sun and Little Farm on the River.  It started out innocent enough.  We left Precision Temp around 5:00pm.  It had been a long day and we and the furballs were tired, but we only had about 30 or so miles to travel.   We finally got through the Cincinnati traffic and off the interstate. We were traveling on state highway 50 then picking up 56 into Rising Sun.  I had programed our Garmin with the RV park's address...that was our first mistake.  Normally, I double check these I didn't...I was tired...I knew the RV park had been around awhile and felt confident the garmin could take us right to the front door.  HA! the garmin is squawking out directions...."turn right on East Belleview Lane"....we are intently looking for signage.  We have made the mistake of turning too quickly before and want to verify that this is indeed the road we need.  We are so intent on the "right" side of the road that we are completely oblivious to the fact that the Ohio river is on our left....."Little Farm on the River"....duh!!  The Garmin is still squawking...."right....turn right". Never mind the big ole sign, "Little Farm on the River", with a big arrow pointing to the left! Duh!!  Just keep blindly following the "bi*ch" or I mean Garmin, and turn right....."turn right now"!  OK, OK we turned our big honk-en 40 foot fifthwheel to the right.....right onto this little narrow country road.  And then.....and then.....the "bi*ch" (no, I think I got her name right now) calmly tells us that "destination is on your right"!  There is only a farm house on our ground on our left....and a little narrow country road that looks like it runs straight up to heaven in front of us.  That sinking feeling hits, you know the one, in the pit of your stomach.  The one that tells you something is terribly wrong.  Here we go place to turn around....can't back up onto a busy idea where we are...up the hill to heaven we go.  The twisty road took us up to the top of the ridge and wound us through countless farms...folks would stop and wave...I"m sure they wondered about our sanity!  We drove and drove hoping to run into a crossroad that would deliver us safely back down to the highway.  I had, of course, turned the "bi*ch" off, but sadly decided it was time to ask for her help.  She gladly and cheerfully started spewing out direction.  We found the crossroad.....wound our way back down and back on highway 50.  We s-l-o-w-l-y made our approach to East Belleview Lane....not wanting to be caught in the "bi*ch's" cunning trap again.  Billy gasp!  "What", I say, "WHAT NOW!"   "The river is on the right....there is a sign on the right", Billy exclaims!  We just looked at each other.  You have got to be kidding, how on earth did we miss that!  The "bi*ch" is still screaming to turn right....We both reach for her...both looking to silence her forever, but come to our senses and hit the off button instead.  We turn left and then find our "destination" on our right!  Duh!!  That my friends is the "rest of our story"....I know you are laughing, but beware.  There are more evil gps's out there just waiting to do to you what she did to us!

Ok, done laughing are a few photos of our site and the quaint little town of Rising Sun.....
Nice level gravel pad....lots of green grass.  There are upper level and lower level sites.  We chose the lower level which backs up to the Ohio river.
Yesterday, we went to downtown Rising Sun.  Very Welcoming as you can see...few shops and a couple of restaurants.  Nothing to write home about, but we enjoyed it.
This is at the end of the street, overlooking the Ohio river.  Not quite sure why....kinda spooky, but then I like spooky.  There is a paved river walk and we enjoyed that as well.
As our day comes to an end....we are thankful to have found "Little Farm on the River" and I'm so very thankful that Billy had the smarts to actually look to the LEFT!


  1. In our experience RV parks never have the correct GPS coordinates. We were told that so many times when calling them so we always checked online first or by phone. Don't know why that is.

    It's a scary feeling traveling down those narrow roads not knowing what's coming up next or if you can get out again.

  2. I don't remember how many times we have had to unhook in order to get ourselves out of someplace that the GPS (Lucy) put us in. Glad you finally made it. Very interesting "thing" at the end of the street.

  3. While I would not want to travel without the GPS, I never trust it completely. I always check the route on streets and maps and memorize the major route portions, so when the GPS gives me incorrect info, I am prepared to ignore it.

  4. I swear those GPS units have a mean streak. I can't tell you how many times Sam (short for Samatha) has tried to kill us by sending us on shortcuts designed for mini cars and/or motorcycles. I've learned she knows her way around the city pretty good, but out on the highway, that girl needs help. She thought we were driving on the Pacific Ocean last time we were on the coast and tried everything to get us to turn inland. I get my revenge though. I mute her and then just watch and laugh as she tries desperately to get us turned around when she can't say a word!

  5. So far, our truck Garmin has not steered us wrong in the motorhome, but I can't say the same for the GPS in the car ... one particular event nearly caused its demise, but I refrained from doing bodily damage to it. Hubby didn't believe me when I told him that the GPS was sending me round and round in circles until he had to go to the same place and had the same problem. It wasn't the driver's fault after all!


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