Saturday, September 17, 2011

Repairs and a Surprise!

The last few days have been really busy here in Elkhart at Recreational Specialties.  Ron and Dan have been working hard building, diagnosing, and repairing!  The first two items on our list were our AC (making a funny noise) and our furnace (stopped working altogether).  Dan removed the furnace and found that the burner and igniter wire needed to be replaced.  The AC took a little longer.  It was 60 degrees out and we were running the AC full out trying to get it to start making "the noise"!  It finally cooperated somewhat, but Dan couldn't really see anything wrong.  Next thing, the furnace starts acting up again.  Dan, after a little more testing, decided our problem now might be the new thermostat we installed last year.  He did a direct wire on the furnace and it functioned that left the thermostat...Bill reinstalled the original thermostat, which we still had cause Billy never throws anything away, and so far so good.  Dan even thinks the new thermostat may have been the problem with the AC as well....something about only having a low fan setting and OH heck...I don't begin to understand his theory, but the guy is usually right!  Time will tell.  It was a really confusing minute the AC is on, set to 45 degrees and next thing the furnace is running set to about 80 degrees!
Here are a few photos that tell the "rest of the story"........
Isn't that a beautiful more unsightly tire blow damage.....all good as new!
Dan added a new receptacle and a new "cubby" for storage.  The receptacle is a dedicated outlet for our little fireplace.  This plug is connected to a marinco 20amp power connector as seen here.......
Now Billy can plug an electrical cord from this outside connector to the 20amp plug available on the power pole at most campsites.  Now our electric fireplace will no longer interfere with coffee brewing and hair drying....LOL!  
Here you see the inside of my new little cubby.  I have my griddle, a large pan, and my little pink Christmas tree.
And now for my surprise.....can you guess what Dan is doing bet ya.  Dan is prepping for my new washer and dryer.  "Dan is the Man"!
Almost ready...this is a photo of the bracing for the shelf where the dryer will rest.  Rather than stacking one on top of the other, Ron suggested we put the dryer on a shelf.  That way, should the need arise, we don't have to remove both units to work on the washer.
Here is the "hole" for the dryer vent and now....without further ado......drum roll please....
Aren't they the "cat's meow"!  I am so proud of these and so surprised that Billy gave the go ahead, after all we spent a fair chunk of change over at Mor/ryde for our new suspension.  But he knew how much I had been wanting these....he is such a good hubby!  Mama is sooooo happy!! 
Tonight we are in Richmond Indiana and tomorrow we head to Ohio....


  1. I want them... very nice Debbie I know you're happy!!!
    Have fun

  2. I can understand the pots and pans, but a pink Christmas tree? I'll have to think about that one. :)

  3. Say, I got a big load of dirty laundry here, d'ya suppose I shucks never mind, your too darned far away anyway.

  4. Having an in-house washer and dryer is great. Here I am in camp now; we'll be leaving in a couple of hours and the bed linens have been washed already and are in the dryer. We'll make the bed before we leave and come back to fresh linens next time we take the motorhome out. Just great!

  5. Congrats on the washer and dryer. Great idea to have the dryer separated! It's super getting things done for your home.


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